Fieldsports August/September 2017
Issue 1704

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Ask a number of discerning country sports enthusiasts what it is that keeps them yearning to shoot, fish, stalk, work their dogs or fly their birds, and, invariably, you will ascertain one thing fairly quickly: Many of us find it nigh on impossible to give just one simple reason for why we do what we do.

Immersion in the natural environment, the harvest of delicious and wholesome food, the opportunity to watch, learn about, and manage our quarry and other wildlife species... The truth is, the elements which make our fieldsports so utterly absorbing are as numerous as they are intertwined; they're all part of a bigger picture.

The August/September issue of Fieldsports is a tribute to this bigger picture – at the centre of which is that enchanting mix of tradition, challenge, sustainability and discovery that offers a unique escape from the trappings of modern life. It's an escape which can be found on the riverbank, in the high seat, on the hill, in the hide... but now also in the comfort of your own home. The August/September issue of Fieldsports affords this luxury to those who turn its pages.